Chin Implants / Reduction

Chin Implants

Implants can help address contour and size issues with the bones and soft tissues. A chin that is small or poorly shaped can affect the overall look of your face. Chin implants can strengthen the shape and angles of your face and bring balance to an otherwise weak appearance. With a chin implant the width and length of the face can be augmented adding a stronger more clearly define look. Chin implant surgery can help better define your face and help give you a more youthful appearance by increasing projection and creating more distinct features.

Chin Reduction

A heavy, overly squared or outwardly flaring chin can diminish the more delicate features of the face. If you feel your chin is too prominent or the angles are too severe, chin reduction surgery may be able to help.  Chin reduction surgery reduces the size and appearance the chin, softens a heavy chin line and narrows the face – giving it a more oval appearance and helping the neck appear longer.

The chin line can be reduced by non-surgical methods such as Botox injection or by surgical methods including shaving down the bone or removing a portion of it –  or with a combination of these procedures.

Chin reduction can help better defined your facial features, improve the contours and natural angles of your face and give you a more proportionate and structurally balanced and softer appearance. Improved proportions can increase your self-confidence and help improve your quality of life.

The Process

* Consultation with Dr. Leif Rogers
* Create a customizex surgical plan with Dr. Leif Rogers
* Take pre-op photos
* Meet with our Practice Manager Robin Chamberlain
* Schedule surgery with our Surgical Coordinator Darren Schroader
* Obtain surgical clearance from your family doctor
* Return to the office for a pre-op before Surgery
* Have surgery
* Return to the office within one week of surgery for your post op visit

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