Over development of breast tissue can occur in men of any age due to medications, hormone imbalances, obesity and other factors. Enlargement usually occurs on both sides of the chest. Gynecomastia has generally been attributed to an imbalance of sex hormones or an imbalance of estrogenic and androgenic effects on the breast. Overuse of steroids is another known cause. Overuse of steroids is another known cause. treatments for gynecomastia include surgery, liposuction and non-surgical ultrasound massage or a combination of these procedures. Liposuction and ultrasound massage can address fatty tissue build up in the breast and surgery is used to reconstruct the contour of the chest. For physically active men whose attempts to lose the fat around the breast area with an exercise or weight loss program have not succeeded, surgical treatment may be the best option.

The Process

* Consultation with Dr. Leif Rogers
* Create a customizex surgical plan with Dr. Leif Rogers
* Take pre-op photos
* Meet with our Practice Manager Robin Chamberlain
* Schedule surgery with our Surgical Coordinator Darren Schroader
* Obtain surgical clearance from your family doctor
* Return to the office for a pre-op before Surgery
* Have surgery
* Return to the office within one week of surgery for your post op visit

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