Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphedema is a difficult clinical problem for the many who have developed it after lymph node dissection or radiation therapy associated with breast cancer treatments.  The traditional therapies include massage, and compression sleeves.  There have been some work in the area of microvascular repair of the lymphatic system, with limited success.

In my practice, I have developed a technique to treat lymphedema of the upper extremity that has a 100% success rate, with at least 50% resolution in treated patients.  I happened upon the therapy purely by accident and have not published my data as of yet.  I’m sure others have noticed the value in the technique, to date I have not seen a published study on the topic.

I perform fat grafting in almost all the breast reconstruction patients I operate on as a reconstructive plastic surgeon, and naturally began grafting into the underarm area to reduce scar adhesions and to improve the hollow look of the axilla after lymph node dissections and radiation therapy.  I just happen to notice that every patient I did this on, who previously suffered from lymphedema, had a significant improvement in their symptoms, resulting in at least 50% improvement in the edema.  To date, every patient I have performed this technique on has experience significant improvement, even those who have had massive lymphedema for many years, and with results that seem to be permanent.

Although all my evidence is purely anecdotal, I cannot deny that this procedure seems to be highly effective, with very little risk, and even some cosmetic upside. So for those of you who suffer from lymphedema, there is a potential therapy with long lasting results.

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