Vaginal Rejuvenation


Many cosmetic procedures deal with the structure of certain areas of the body and help to improve not just the look and feel of those areas, but also how well they work. Childbirth, hormones, aging, disease, fluctuations in weight and genetics can contribute to enlargement, irritation and stretched muscles in the vaginal area – conditions which interfere with physical activity, sexual satisfaction and a positive self image. Whether you are looking to eliminate pain and discomfort, correct damage caused by childbirth or disease, address structural issues, increase sexual satisfaction or just improve the look and feel of your body there are surgical and laser techniques available to help you look and feel your best.

The procedures available for vaginal rejuvenation are as unique as the women seeking a solution. Options include reshaping or reducing the outward appearance of the vagina, reducing the size of the clitoral hood to increase sexual pleasure, tightening of the vaginal wall and the muscles of the perineum, reconnecting the skin membrane that once partially covered the opening to the vagina, fat grafting to the labia for a more youthful appearance, removing unwanted fat from the pubic mound and the outer lips and injecting collagen directly into the G-spot to enhance sexual pleasure.

The Process

* Consultation with Dr. Leif Rogers
* Create a customizex surgical plan with Dr. Leif Rogers
* Take pre-op photos
* Meet with our Practice Manager Robin Chamberlain
* Schedule surgery with our Surgical Coordinator Darren Schroader
* Obtain surgical clearance from your family doctor
* Return to the office for a pre-op before Surgery
* Have surgery
* Return to the office within one week of surgery for your post op visit

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