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[Press Release] Million Dollar Butt tourism brings world’s elite to Dr. Leif Rogers

[Press Release] Million Dollar Butt tourism brings world’s elite to Dr. Leif Rogers


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Million Dollar Butt


Wed., Sep. 1, 2021

Jonathan Lockwood

[email protected]

Million Dollar Butt tourism brings world’s elite to Dr. Leif Rogers

Celebrity plastic surgeon sees global waitlist grow for his $1M butt procedure

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.— From mediocre to million-dollar–the world’s elite are lining up to transform their meager rear-ends into internet-breaking, mega-butts. These elite Million Dollar Butt tourists jet-set from all over the planet to Beverly Hills to see celebrity surgeon Dr. Leif Rogers to get the results they want, and can afford. Dr. Rogers’ procedure is so popular now that there is an international waitlist.


“My globally-unique method of creating the Million Dollar Butt is safe, painless and has no down time,” said Rogers. “You can come visit me here in Beverly Hills, get a Million Dollar Butt, and head to the beach or an event to show off your new look.”


Rogers says the procedure is incision- and anesthesia-free and that there are no implants or artificial fillers involved.


“We now have the technology to naturally supplement and help your body create more tissue, which means not only more volume—real, natural volume,” said Rogers.


Rogers uses a specialized technique of creating more adipose fat tissue in targeted locations on the body. This means that over time the body creates more of that same tissue and it is not going to wear away like fillers, or have complications like implants. The technique is not limited at creating the Million Dollar Butt and can in fact be used to create more volume anywhere you incur fat loss as you age.


“We can use this technique over traditional modalities to create contours in the face, breasts, legs, the neck and your hands too,” added Rogers. 




About Dr. Leif Rogers 


Dr. Leif Rogers is an Ivy League graduate, board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He’s head of a combined reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery, and non-surgical practice in Beverly Hills, California. Rogers specializes in microsurgical reconstruction of the breast and the latest techniques in facial rejuvenation and body contouring.


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