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Muscle Implants


Add shape and definition with muscle implants. This service is ideal for any patient seeking to augment muscle or anyone who simply wishes to sculpt their physique. The most common muscle implants among men include glute, calf, and pectoral implants. However, we can create a custom implant for any part of the body.

When possible, we prefer to augment your muscles using fat from your own body. This process is safe and effective. However, this option may not be available to those with a leaner build. If you do not have enough excess fat, we opt for silicone rubber implants. This material maintains its shape over time, is very well tolerated by your body, and resembles the look and feel of natural muscle.

As with all cosmetic procedures and treatments, results may vary depending on the individual patient’s physiology and healing abilities.


  • 1- Consultation with Dr. Leif Rogers
  • 2- Create a customized surgical plan
  • 3- Take pre-op photos
  • 4- Meet with our practice manager
  • 5- Schedule surgery with our surgical coordinator
  • 6- Obtain surgical clearance from your family doctor
  • 7- Return to the office for a pre-op before surgery
  • 8- Have surgery
  • 9- Return to the office for your post op visit

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