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Clavicle Lengthening or Shoulder Lengthening


Shoulder width broadening or clavicle lengthening is an effective way to increase the size of your shoulders to give patients a more masculine physique. This is very popular among the transgender community looking to alter their bone structure for masculinization. Dr. Leif Rogers is one of the only surgeons globally that performs this extremely technical surgery that affects both form, function, and mobility of the shoulder while cosmetic in nature. The surgery starts by creating a small incision along the clavicle bone, removing the periosteum that covers the bone, and then Dr. Rogers will use a special drill to excise the bone. He’ll then install a small piece of titanium with a supportive metal plate to connect the two ends together and allow the bone to heal. This will lengthen the shoulders to give a more masculine appearance. Protective tissue is reconnected and the incision is then closed. 

Dr. Leif Rogers - Plastic Surgeon Consultation



Recovery from this surgery can take up to 4 months to see optimal results. Patients will wear a sling for about two weeks post surgery and are advised not to exercise for 6 weeks after the procedure. 


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