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Clavicle Lengthening or Shoulder Lengthening

What is Clavicle lengthening?

Clavicle lengthening, also known as shoulder lengthening surgery, is a procedure that aims to increase the length of the collarbone or clavicle bone. This procedure is usually performed on people who have a shorter than average clavicle length, a condition known as congenital clavicular hypoplasia. The bone is then cut and a lengthening device is attached to either end of the bone. The device slowly and gradually stretches the bone over several weeks or months, allowing new bone tissue to grow in the gap.

After the desired length is achieved, the lengthening device is removed and the bone is allowed to heal. Physical therapy is often needed to help restore strength and range of motion to the shoulder joint.


The length of the clavicle lengthening surgery can vary depending on the specifics of the procedure and the individual patient's condition. However, it typically takes several hours to complete.


Recovery from this surgery can take up to 4 months to see optimal results. Patients will wear a sling for about two weeks post-surgery and are advised not to exercise for 6 weeks after the procedure. 


Clavicle lengthening surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia. General anesthesia is a type of anesthesia that causes the patient to lose consciousness and feel no pain during the procedure.

Benefits of Clavicle lengthening

check Improved shoulder function

check More masculine appearance

check Improved appearance

check Avoidance of future joint problems

check Increased self-confidence

check Long-lasting results

Clavicle lengthening

Who Qualifies for Clavicle lengthening?

Candidates for clavicle lengthening surgery should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations for the surgery and recovery process. The procedure is typically reserved for patients with significant functional limitations or cosmetic concerns related to their clavicle length, as it is a complex and delicate procedure that carries some risks and requires a significant commitment to post-operative rehabilitation.

The decision to undergo clavicle lengthening surgery is a personal one and should be made in consultation with a qualified surgeon who can help evaluate the patient’s individual condition and goals.

How to Prepare for Clavicle lengthening?

Insurance Coverage Options

Transgender procedures are covered by some insurance providers. While every insurance provider is different, we want to help ensure care is affordable for all our patients. We are happy to help you work with your provider to go over your options. Please contact us to get started. 

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